In principle, the Puhl GmbH & Co. KG website can be used without disclosing any personal data. However, general access data will be stored when the Puhl GmbH & Co. KG website is accessed. This includes the time of access, the page accessed, the type and version of the browser on the user‘s computer, the protocols used, the operating system of the user, the site through which the user is referred, the amount of data transferred as well as data on the computer accessing the Puhl GmbH & Co. KG website (external IP address).

The stored data are analyzed statistically and used to improve the website.

They will not be made available to third parties. Stored data are deleted after one year.

There may be areas of the website where users may be asked to enter business or personal data (names, addresses, email addresses, etc.). This information is provided by users on a voluntary basis. By providing such data, the user agrees with its use for the purpose of performance of services and in a customer database. This data will be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties. If the user assigns Puhl GmbH & Co. KG to delete its data, it will be completely removed from the database.